Rinascita Toscana. Alfa Romeo Gt Junior 1300    08|2017

The dream Trip...


Not even the pictures can describe the beauty of it. Driving  around the most beautiful places of Tuscany with a 1300 GT Junior is like being in a dream. The burning sun of August make you keep the windows down, and the music of the 1.3 Alfa come together with the perfume of the dry fields. It is a long story to tell, and I hope to share it withyou soon, with even more pictures.

Porsche 911. The Air-cooled meeting   06|2017

Maybe by mistake, but my camera shot some nice non-italian sports car!

Alfa, Ferrari...Ferrari, Alfa. For an italian like me it is quite difficult to think different when imagining a nice sport car...

But i have to admit that, chasing these awesome 911s of some friends on the hills around Mainz, I got distracted for a while from my usual focus!

I Hope you can enjoy the gallery and feel a bit what I have experienced on following these five ladies dancing all together at the sunset! 



Chasing a Red Dream. Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1300   06|2017

It took long, very long, but this wait made this dream even more unique...

I have been looking for my favorite car all over Europe, but the one with my dream combination (step nose, red and with Milano number plate) was waiting just a few meters from the home where I grew up in Milan. 

It is with a great smile on my face that I introduce you my first classic Alfa, a Gt Junior from 1969, the first masterpiece of Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone!


A great thanks to Riccardo Tosi and his Milanogarage

(check out his website and gourgeous cars on  http://www.milanogarage.com/it/index.php )


for helping me on finding my dream!


Genesis New York Concept. Pebble Beach 2016   08|2016

Pebble Beach 2016   08|2016

Italian beauties in Laguna Seca...   Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2016...   08|2016

KISKA CrossRoads 2016...   05|2016

Vertical //.Porsche...  Porsche Museum, Stuttgart.  12|2015

The Bug show!    SPA Francorchamps Circuit, Belgium. 07|2014

Guys, the airport is closed since 2hours...!     Mainz 2014

Klassikstadt dreams °°°  Frankfurt, 2014

Flying into the History...   California, 05|2014

Non-VW in WOB?!   Wolfsburg, Autostadt 2013

Techno Classic   Essen, 2013

They need to move!   Torino, museo dell'automobile. January 2014