Audi 2Lip

Hochschule Pforzheim

1st semester project_exterior design

oOktober 2011, February 2012


„Walk in, the vehicle opens and closes around you“


In short: The Audi 2Lip is a vehicle for2050 that revolutionizes the way we get into the cabin, a very important issue for the elderly people. The body is made of transparent shape memory polymers allowing the front of the vehicle to open like a flower, enabling the passengers to walk into their seats.When seated, the stripes close softly around them. The considered form further enhances the visibility and spaciousness of the interior. The external surfaces, based on the contrast soft / strong, are under visual tension by the large rear wheels, designed to promote ride comfort and dynamics for adults and children, more and more influential in grandparents’ purchasing decisions.

AUDI 2lip


The Audi 2Lipis a vehicle for the year 2050 designed mainly for elderly people. The whole architecture comes from the idea revolutionizing the way of accessing the vehicleovercoming possible mobility problems of the users. The front of the vehicle is divided into strips of shape memory polymer, able to open and close like a flower, so that the passengers can walk into the cabin, reaching the seats without obstacles. The large front platform moves downward, reducing the gap with the road and providing an easy access also to disabled people. Once the occupants have taken place, the bodywork closes softlygiving an unusualview of the outside.


Thecharacteristics of the cab offer excellent visibility and extreme spaciousness, define defined the particular shape of the vehicle: the entire front area is dedicated to the passengers, while the mechanical parts are gathered inside the large rear wheels. The large transparent surface that surrounds the 2Lip also provides a full view of the road and of the position of the front wheels, enhancing the feeling of full control of the vehicle.

The surface design, determined by the contrast soft / strong, communicates the superior interior comfort offered, but at the same time doesn’t show the fragility of the occupants. The soft curvatures arein fact opposed to the edges of the central frame: elements that give character and projectthe still strong charisma of the passengers.

Character is also donated by the large rear wheels, which create tension into the surfaces and suggest the frontal opening. Their central location allows the simple shape of the side, while providing benefits at the functional level: the two close elements favor more compact and lightweight mechanics and let the vehicle have a very aerodynamic form. The wide wheels mask the height of the tires, indispensable to ensure a greater level of comfort. The attractiontochildrenthat influences the grandparents´ purchasing decision, more and more engaged in the care and transport of their grandchildren.