Volkswagen E-volution ALITALIA


Since i was defining the concept of my thesis project, I had in my mind to develop a racing version of my Volkswagen E-volution. Like a reflex camera, in fact, the car I designed was ment to be transformed during its life, using for istance the lamelle as a support for extra parts.


If the standard E-volution take clearly inspiration from the the Lancia Stratos, this Alitalia version wants to re-interpret the iconic livery  with which the italian legend  won three times the Rally World Championship in the Seventies. 



The following gallery shows some renderings from the work in progress. The final result still has to come. Stay tuned!


Volkswagen E-volution ALITALIA

Compared to the original model, this uploaded version presents:


 - Wider wheels

 - Front bumber air splitter

 - Air outlet on the bonnet

 - Air intake on the roof

 - Side cameras

 - Double central exhaust supported by a new extractor

 - Safety electricity switch

 - External hood  locks

 - Fron and rear racing tow hitches